Todoist: The thing that saves my life!

I fell in love with this app after I found it, thanks to Thomas Frank, my favorite blogger!

This post is going to be talking about its feature and my review for this application.

What is Todoist?

For those of you who don’t know, Todoist is a task-manager system. It organizes your tasks and work into “Projects”. Each project saves tasks you need to do. For instance, You can open up a “Basketball” project and say “15 lay-ups”. After you finish your 15 lay-ups, you can check it off.

The Features

  1. What really gets interesting is that you can track your productivity or what Todoist calls
    My productivity

    “Your Karma Trend.” More Karma… higher productivity.

You can set the number of tasks you want to achieve each day, and you should work towards it. Or else, Karma Falls!







2. The Projects, Labels, and Filters. Todoist allows you to distinguish your tasks by projects and color code them. If you get the Premium App (which I totally recommend) You

Here’s my project tab

can add labels. For instance, if you have to write notes for different subjects, say Physics and English, you can end your tasks with “@notes” and all of them will be added in the notes section of your work. Cool, right?

As your tasks slowly start to pile, you’ll have a lot of tasks that aren’t really important. So you can add their priority. Red being urgent, orange being important and yellow being keep in mind (at least that’s how I look at it).

And when you have a bunch of tasks with different priorities, you can filter them by looking only at red or not important.




3.Group Projects. Have a huge project to do with a lot of people? Don’t worry. You can open up a new project with up to 20 people!! After the group people are added to the project, you can start assigning work to them and have due dates to each other. With the Premium app, you can set reminders and you’ll be notified whenever you want.

group project.PNG
Here’s how the project page looks. On the right you can assign the person and chat with the people. (right below the bell)

4. It’s a cloud application. Todoist, syncs in any device you can think of, as long as you have the app and your connected to Wi-Fi.  They even have a desktop app for Windows and Mac.

device devices

My Review

The Advantages

You can see in the title, it literally saves my life! I wake up every morning at add my tasks, or look at what’s ahead. It really shaped to be an organized person and I can track my productivity and see how much I procrastinated.

The cloud platform is great. I can come home, open up my laptop and check Todoist and at school, I can open up a computer and check my assignments.

For teenager like me, who gets tons of homework and manages a lot of extra curricular stuff, not missing out a thing is really important to me. So when the work loads increase, I’m not worried at all!

Todoist sends you an email for that days’ tasks. So you’ll really be updated.

The design is just elegant! It really looks good and you can change the color scheme whenever you want.

The other cool thing is that you can turn on your vacation days so your Karma doesn’t get affected.


There aren’t really disadvantages. But if you have the desktop version, it sometimes freezes and you’ll have to refresh. But other than that…It’s great

Should I get this app?

Yes!!  If you really want to stay organized and be a better person.

I totally recommend this app to whoever needs to manage their work.

Will it help me?

Yes! You won’t feel miserable if you always forget your homework.

Should I get the Premium feature?

If you’re like me who just loves Todoist, then go ahead. They got some really cool stuff and you should check it out!

If you’re using Todoist or just tried it… tell me about!






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