4 Ways to Make your School Amazing


Everybody wants their schools to be the best. I agree with that, so I made a list of ways you can make your school amazing! There is no harm in asking your school for them.  🙂

1. Allow the use of technological devices during school.

wifi-iconThis is a topic we can debate about, but let me state my view on this. Being in the 21st Century, we have access to the best gadgets that are being made today. I’m pretty sure a lot of us have access to Tablets, iPads, Laptops, and many more devices. Bringing these to your school will actually help you a lot! You can do research in class, you can finish up an English paper, or read the assigned e-book your AP English literature teacher has given you. When you need to finish up some class notes, take a picture of your friend’s notes. Even if you forgot to bring in your notebook, you have your tablet (or whatever you’ll bring) to take notes on.

To the teachers…..

When the students have their own devices, you might as well bring on as well. If you have macbooka cloud platform like Drop Box or Google Drive, You can share some notes and files to your students. Email them for due dates or any type of notification at ease! And best of all, you can supervise their work! How? When sending in assignments, you can have them email their work back. Now you’ve just took a step to clean your physical storage!


2. Make sure you get your gym classes

Nowadays, schools believe that Physical Education just spoils the mind and its a complete  waste of time!

Newsflash!! It isn’t

I’m serious, get outside!

Studies revealed that students balancing their academics and physical activity actually score higher grades and eventually can increase their concentration.

Just imagine a typical high school student, who is taking challenging classes. He wakes up early morning studying, then goes to school, then comes back with a ton of homework. can you think he can possibly do his work efficiently in a stretch of 15 hours? He can’t and you know that.

But having divided work times, even during school hours, will allow you stay fresh and get your work done

3. Ask for Outside Classes

Yeah, it might sound weird, but let me tell you the logic in this.

The nature will relax you, trust me.

Staying in a closed room for six hours is kind of tiring and feels suffocating. But if you spend at least an hour a day outside for any class, it will freshen up  your mind. You are sitting outside in natural light, and you have fresh air. It’ll pretty much give you some time in peace. I know that many people know this, but many people don’t implement them. And that is what needs to be considered.


4. Make sure your school library is packed with resources.

the-better-lookin-booksDon’t always rely on the internet. There are many spectacular books out there written by the great authors on individual topics alone. Getting these books will certainly be a benefit and it will help you on your work. If there are books that you want and they aren’t in the shelves of your library, don’t hesitate to ask the librarian. I’m sure they would love to have a student come up and ask for some books that would help them. If this doesn’t work, then go to anybody who will take charge of this.



I know, this is a pretty short list. But I want actually see what you think. What do you think will make your school a better place?


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