Evernote: The best on note-taking

Evernote, by far, is the best app I use for taking  notes. It is certainly comfy to use,  and I will tell you the features and my review on it.

deives.jpgFirst of all, Evernote works on any device, you name it! It even has an internet app, where you can log on to your Evernote account and use Evernote thought the internet (Personally speaking, I like the OSX design than the internet design, as it’s more decent). You can download the Evernote app for your laptop or desktop, it’s compatible with Windows and IOS.On the go?

On the go? Don’t worry, you can get the Evernote app on you iDevice, Android device, or Windows Phone. This is a cloud-platform app, so all your notes wil be across all your devices.

You can download the Evernote app for your laptop or desktop, it’s compatible with Windows and iOS.

windows                  osx

The layout and structure for the iOS and Windows app are very organized and you can understand how to use it at ease. Although it does seem band at first, the color scheme actually suits your mind while you are working.

Evernote has what they call “Notebooks” and in notebooks, you have “Notes” So you can pretty much organize your notes  in any way you want! 

If you have a lot of notes that are similar, you can “Stack them” and create a “Stack of Notebooks.” They’re like folders for files. This can be confusing to understand, but when

This is what the stack looks like

you have a lot of notes, it actually clicks and then you would see why stacks are better.

The note-taking features are very flexible. For example, I can drag a picture to the panel, annotate it, and write about, just like writing in a notebook. Uploading PDF’s are easy and you can annotate them as well. What get’s interesting here is that I can sync my Google Drive with Evernote and I can add files from my Drive to Evernote and work with them. Cool right?

Of course, since there are so many features for a single user, they obviously have features that you can use with your colleagues. For instance, you can share a whole notebook  with your colleagues and chat with them. They can  add new notes and edit the notes you wrote. What’s really sweet is that you can set reminders for any kind of purpose and have it a push notification or whatever you want.

The searching options are pretty advanced, as you can search for a particular note by searching the words contained in it! For more advanced searches, you can see where you took the note by location. I know, it can’t get any easier!

Evernote does have plans. A basic one, an Evernote Plus, and Evernote Premium. The difference here is you can upload more data storage, and you can have offline access.


Here are the specs for the plans.


Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 11.39.23 AM.png
Here’s how the Evernote  window looks like


As you can see, the menu is pretty simple and anyone can understand easily. I can insert

  • Tables
  • A checklist
  • Attachments

And there are many tools you can use to format your notes in any style you wish. You should sync your work, though, because it won’t sync through all your accounts, which can be a problem.

Well, that’s all I have to say for this review! For those of you who use Evernote, what do you think? And if you don’t or haven’t used it, I surely recommend you to!





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