Learning v.s Upgraded learning? What are schools doing now?

I that kind of guy that looks into the BYOD policies, and the technology policies every time when I join a new place to learn and study. What shocks me the most is how schools react towards these brilliant initiatives. I know for sure that many  townships are starting to take advantage of what I call, “Upgraded learning”. They use the latest software, the best gadgets, and best learning applications so that the student’s ability to learn will be at ease. Even townships with low budgets are able to start these high advanced policies. So, what are we (schools) doing now, and what should we do? I’m here to talk about that.

The defects: What schools think?

It’s funny how our schools have technology directors, and people who take charge with anything that has to do with the “technology” in our schools. Then why isn’t there any technology?

Now some of you might think, “we have computers in our library, right?” That is not what I mean!

Learning can be potentially unlocked if we use our resources wisely and properly. And the first and most frequently used resource is our digital tools. Since we use this digital tools in our everyday lives, why not use it in the seven hours of our life?


The only reason why most schools don’t allow the use of phones, tablets, iPads, laptops in classes is because they (or we) consider it a mere distraction!

Yes, maybe you are right. There are some of us who can’t get our eyes off of their Twitter feed. But that doesn’t mean you create a blockade completely. There are many ways we can do to avoid distraction.

Possible solutions/Ideas

Since we already have that handy crew of technology people in our school, we can have them restrict certain apps and websites. For instance, block Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and whatever they want.

Also, you can turn on notifications for the network. For example, the school network team will get a bing saying that someone tried to access Facebook and failed. This way, they now whether students are doing what they are supposed to do.

You can even go ahead with Remote Control. Students that try to hack or  manipulate the school’s portal website, network or anything confidential, can be easily controlled with such a feature. The administrator will have complete control over the student’s device once they have turned on Remote Control.

Of course, there are many things out there that you can do make sure that the students are on the right track. But this is just a few ideas to get you started.


What can you do when you have digital tools?

Before I start, I’m gonna tell this. There is a really big list for this, but I’ll cover the essentials, and some pretty interesting features/ideas.

Your textbooks: all in one place.

Tell me this: 15 pounds or half a pound? This answer is pretty obvious. You can do the same stuff with e-books. You can annotate the text, circle information, write side notes, and do a lot of other things.


When I mean by “Pictures,” I don’t mean taking selfies with your math teacher during class. What I really mean is if you missed a class, you can take pictures of your friend’s notebook and at home, you can catch up with whatever you missed.


The cool thing now is that there are companies out there that allow multiple users to work on the same document at the same time. Microsoft and Google allow this. You just need to be in OneDrive and Google Drive and also need the internet for this.

If you are doing a team presentation, your whole team can sit together at school during a free period and work on your presentation. Thus, you’ll have more people doing the same task in an easy and smooth way.

appsUsage of Applications

If you’re like me, who uses a ton of apps for productivity or work purposes, this is for you! If you use Todoist and Evernote, and you are carrying your iPad with you. You can access these apps during class! They don’t distract you; rather, they are the most life-saving things you can possibly use!


Don’t miss my review on Todoist and Evernote!

Electronic documents and files from teachers

Sometimes, it’ll be kind of hard for teachers to print out the assignments for you. Instead, they can send them to you! You can either finish it on your device or print them out at home and finish them.



You can pretty much tell that I am a tech lover. But I want to hear from you!

What do you think are the defects at schools?

What ideas would you propose to make sure the technology is safe and properly used?

What would you do if you can BYOD to school?


2 thoughts on “Learning v.s Upgraded learning? What are schools doing now?

  1. Hey that was a nice idea of yours.
    But I think that the school’s only duty is to keep you away from your devices those Seven Hours,they assume that you are on your phone for the rest of your day.Good Article be sure to check out mine(recently started!!!)
    Shruthi Julian


    1. Hi
      Thanks for your compliment!
      I feel that the seven hours of learning is great with the tech you use everyday, because all of us are just opened to much more resources, but I guess you are right. Present schools want to ban seven hours of tech and make it a tech-free zone!


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