Is Business Running Science?

Let’s look at the economy. Let’s say today a phone was released in the market. Tech geeks and reviewers say it has the most updated features and they will go on advocating how the product has conquered the market. The next day, you see another company who released something similar to the phone you saw before, and now the market was won by the second phone.  This cycle just goes on and on.

The Actual Question

We need to look at both perspectives and actually see who is ruling one over the other.

Science, of course, is an ocean. It has constant researching, revamping the concepts we learned when we studied, proving facts and testing them. Science is a mere field of development. Let’s look into the hi-tech industries. Today if I researched, built and made a phone, that is science. But when I sell it and make money, that’s business.

Geez, Abhijit! I didn’t know that! 

Now here comes my logic, where I tell you what I see and understand when I look at the economy and businesses and research and development centers. We all want the market. What does this mean? I mean that we want sales! We want customers! Customers that are happy with their product and willing to come again to buy more!

How do we get the customers to buy more? To make our products better and better. Let’s skip the basic surface factors: Great Customer support, great prices and so on.

In order to make our product better and better, we need to constantly work on it. For instance, preventing bugs, creating upgrades, making new designs, and an endless factors designers and “researchers” to look upon. Each industry will have obviously have different task and objectives in order to achieve this.

But I really don’t believe that we are actually using science in order to make the product better. It’s the market competition. We always want to beat our opponents, and we rush through the process. Despite the fact that the big shot companies hire developers and designers to constantly work on the company’s product 24/7, it’s not a research, it just a race, to see who can flash the most people in the market, and make the most money.

We just update our technology. We really don’t sit down and actually work on our product. The reason why we do this is only because of business. It just a game to see who will win.

Wrapping Up….

If you ask me if there are any solutions, I don’t have any. I am not being biased between science or business; I am only telling you something that I have speculated for a while now.  Not only me, but nobody cannot stop the growth and the speed of the economy. The market is getting bigger, and all we can do is just cope up with it. If not, beat the market and win!


2 thoughts on “Is Business Running Science?

  1. I think you make a really valid point about the ever-increasing speed of technological advances. For example, only 33 years after the first commercial computer became available in 1951, was the first Macintosh ie. the first commercial computer with a graphical user interface released. And to think that we’ve developed from 3G technology to mobile internet available everywhere with 4G technology in just 3 years.

    Though while I think that business may be dominating technological advances, this may be less so in more regulated fields of science, such as medicine, where pills and drugs seem to be running business.

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