Email marketing? How to Increase Your Subscribers (and most of all… keep them)

It’s great to brag or hear someone say, “I’m an online marketer at_____” or, “I am the senior manager of the marketing department at…..”

What every online marketer needs to know is what is he doing to attract so that the sales can do their job.

We all know that this is the 21st century and technology has been an amazing tool to promote our products. But let’s specifically look at one branch of technology: email.

Email marketing has picked up over the last decade and we still use it. Applications such as MailChimp and Google Analytics allow to check the number of interested people interested in you. Now that many tools popped in the market, marketers and bloggers have complete access to them. Using a tool is one thing, but using it effectively to the highest peak is another.

So, how do I increase my subscribers (and most all…keep them)? Let me tell you.

1. Market Your Mailing List

Make sure they can hear you! 

Let the world know that you have such a list where you send emails about….(fill that in). After all, isn’t it a waste of time and effort if no one knows that there is a mailing list where people can subscribe to?

If you are an online marketer at a specific company, post the sign-up form on all your social platforms you use! I maintain a mailing list at my school MUN website and the first thing I did was post the sign-up forms on our Facebook Page and Twitter. We then personally emailed the sign-up forms to whoever emailed/contacted us in the past.

Within a month and a half, I have over 85 subscribers, and I still am getting more. After doing my market research, my calculations have shown that is is a lot.

See, there is more benefit when you have people who know about your mailing list.

2. Constantly Do Your Market Research!

Keep in mind that you need to carry out your research. All. The. Time.

Wait, why market research? That has nothing to do with mailing lists.

Not really. In fact, it can be pretty subjective. Merely, it depends on what you are doing/promoting. Let’s say you are a journalist at a famous blog. You come to point where there is really nothing you can talk about. So what can you? Ask your audience! Ask them, “what blog post do you want to see this weekend?”

Go ahead and get creative. Make polls and post them on your social media platforms so that people can vote.

But let me tell you the logic here.

When your readers get what they want, they will read it! And imagine if this is on an increased scale?

3. Make Sure Every Email’s Content is the Best Your Audience can Read.

You need to remember that there are some people who subscribed because they found your website or product interesting. Like I’ve mentioned before, marketing through emails is the best way to convince your reader. With that being said, you cannot send emails that won’t benefit them in any way.

For instance, if you are promoting the 20% off season at your company, don’t just say, “Buy our scarves and get a 20% off.” No offense, but that is a wrong approach to your audience, and it’s kind of boring. Make it catchy, make sure they remember what you said.

That’s a screen shot from the last email I got.

To take work to the next phase, you might want to add a preview or check out product link in the email so people can look at the website. And there is no harm in adding elegant photography. A good example of this is Apple!

Apple’s mailing list is absolutely refining. To be honest, there are more pictures than words and that is what makes him capture a handful of customers. And you got to admit, it is tempting to buy that iPad!

Even if you can’t afford that kind of marketing or if you are just a solo blogger (like me), try to get some fancy pictures or make your posts more appealing.


4. Do NOT Spam You’re Subsribers

Of course Abhijt! Why would I


That’s what you think, trust me on this.

I personally have subsribed to a lot of websites and channels: Basketball Videos, extra practice questions for chemistry and what not?

The problem is that every morning I glance at my inbox and it is exploded with emails by the same person! It gets so annoying! I get so vexed up that I end up deleting their emails and finally, I end up removing myself from their list.

And this is just one person. What about your whole list! You


Send emails on a schedule if you want. And make it packed it updates and deals and whatever you want to post. Infact, you can tell your audience that you’ll be sending an email every Tuesday (for example) and some people will be really eager to get your email.

This also will boost your views and, possibly, your subsribers.

Wrapping Up

So that’s all the best I have for you. Remember that this will work for whatever you are incharge of. Be it your blog, website, a commerical website, or a course email.

But I want to hear from you. What do you do when you send out emails to your audience?






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